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Juventus beat on home soil Sicilian Palermo unequivocally: 4: 1st With this victory consolidated his position at the head of the Italian Serie A. Two goals was involved Argentine Paulo Dybala, who has again enrolled on the list of shooters. Palermo intervention came at the very end, so that the outcome had no effect.

Juventus on Friday předehrávce was not going to underestimate anything, so coach Allegri put on quite the Bet365 live betting offensive group. Since the beginning of the game on the pitch as the players rushed Marchisio, Bonucci, Asamoah pjaca or Dybala is Sturarem. Palermo relied on Rispoliho, Jajala, Čočeva, Goldanigu or Nestorovskiho.

Already in the 5th minute with Juventus nearly took the lead. Paulo Dybala took the kick free kick, but the projectile stopped by the bar! Palermo defended all my strength and the beginning of the game, his relatively successful efforts to eliminate the leader of the table. He lasted only 13 minutes. Argentine Gonzalo Higuaín ran onto the ball and centered his endings go into the keeper Posavec. He tossed the ball from himself, where the dorážkou no trouble Claudio Marchisio.

Domestic led by one goal, but that did not mean he would not seek to Palermo. Do endings got úteočník Ilya Nestorovski who blasted headed only the keeper Buffon. His first big chance then burned the young Croat Marko Pjaca, who fired from an angle only to the area where the mobil betting goalkeeper moved Posavec. The first big blunder Juventus chalked experienced bek Dani Alves, but the midfielder Jajalo punish her.

Five minutes before half-time Juventus suddenly he struck. Kick after a foul on Sturara again took Paulita Dybala that great shot sent the ball to the gallows – 2: 0th

By the end of the first half with Juventus even he tried several times to threaten the visitors’ goal, but it never did. One minute after the change of sides to the game instead Khedira joined youngster Mario Lemin. Domestic immediately tried to attack the gate Sicilian team, Palermo but very well defended. Shortly thereafter, a large chance played Gonzalo Higuaín, whose effort but the ref stopped odmáváním ofsajdového position.

After an hour, the game was nearly pushed Balogh, but his attempted headed right next door. And the advantage of the home, who pushed through the third. Paulo Dybala sent a nice cross between a defender, ran at him, Gonzalo Higuaín and experienced technical bend threw the young goalkeeper Posavec.

Twenty minutes before the end of the course got Juan Cuadrado, who replaced Stefan Sturara. Now Cuadrado tried to push through individual actions, when from the right side got up in front of a small lime. But his shot attempt was knocked off a corner kick. Palermo your situation complicated by nearly fifteen minutes before the end when he collided with goalkeeper Posavec one of his teammates.

Three minutes before the end of Paulo Dybala he sent to chance Juan Cuadrado, a hard shot from the right side hit only Posavec. A Juventus again punished. About two minutes later he pushed Paulo Dybala when visiting defender Goldaniga made a big mistake and had to turn the ball Higuain. Experienced striker argentiský recorded his younger colleague and Dybala a simple shot pushed – 4: 0th

Palermo did not go down even in a hopeless state. In the setting of the second half garnered at least correct outcome when after a corner kick was given to the head of Ivajlo Čočev. Goalkeeper Buffon already zasánout missed a clean sheet tonight could not hold. At least he could celebrate three points that his team against guests from Sicily defended.


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