Lichtenštejnsko – Itálie

Italy in Group G rivals Spain for first place and does not intend to give up. On Saturday evening, a perfect chance to improve your score and your mood, because it goes to Vaduz to match with the domestic Liechtenstein.

Italy recently started a whole new era because of her bench immediately after the championship Unibet ended coach Antonio Conte. His successor was an experienced pilot Fc Turin Giampiero Ventura, which is definitely not an easy position, and many Italians had to prove that he can bring new elements into the traditional system and zažitého “Squadra Azzurri”. But he’s still doing well and Italy Conte follows the successful style. And recently, new coach revealed that he intends to play a new 4-2-4 system, which replaces the disposition of three defenders and five midfielders.

Apparently, we were able to wait for something more lively and Unibet ofenzivnějšího formation that adapts to current trends and character players nominated. Italians is producing a new generation that has been gaining momentum in the higher clubs. The nomination for this duel find youngsters like Cataldi, Donnarumma, Rugani, Zappacosta or Sansone with Politano. They will get a chance very okoukaní players such Pavolettiho or Bonaventure.

A big offensive workhorse should then be especially Andrea Belotti, who in the new season shows in great light. In Turin FC in September and shoots despite his young age, the goal behind the goal. And he relishes the direction of rejuvenation, which online betting free bets gives representation. In an interview with Gazzetta mentioned: “Try to trust us. There are a lot of young players who are hungry for achievement, have great a launched careers and become stars. Every one of them knows that when his coach a chance, seize it for a hundred Unibet percent and surrender everything for the team. i feel like even for myself. i will try to help the team the best possible results, “said the young shooter.

The original nomination had little tweak Ventura coach because he fell out of it a few important players who would be thrown into his system. This concerns, for example, the Roman wings Alessandra Florenziho, Turin defender Barzagliho or his club teammate Claudio Marchisio. He inflicted Unibet muscular injury and his place has been nominated Roberto Gagliardini from Atalanta. Italy in Group G draw with the Spaniards, with whom are fighting for first place.

But besides two duels won, he consulted with Israel and in the last round also with Macedonia. Her savior became underrated striker Ciro Immobile, who ruled until the 90th minute. Italians so they account for 7 points and certainly welcome duel with Liechtenstein. Neposbíralo so far not a single point and has to his credit a Unibet formidable score of 1:12, which raises the Italian shooters positive mood. Lichtenštejnci with large teams and power can not usually fold their defense, which we could clearly see the match with Spain. Spaniards came from Liechtenstein just eight wickets.

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