Welbeck after his left knee seriously injured and right

Incredible luck has an English Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck. Last April incur a serious left knee injury, then he returned in February this year in very good form and did a lust for the nomination for the summer European Championship, and now it’s back to bet365 sick bay – this time with the right knee, but similarly severe injuries. First forecasts speak about a nine-month absence …

“The first signs point to the lateral meniscus. It is despondent, and not one of those Sportingbet bonus players who bet365 would like to exchange (for nothing),” despaired immediately after the weekend tournament with Man City Arsene Wenger.

Now confirmed the worst fears. Provided complicated recovery of damaged cartilage in his left knee finally asked for 10 months, this time according to the initial estimates should go about bet365 nine months. A more accurate Sportingbet diagnosis with Welbeck learn within 24 hours.

Danny Welbeck after returning found in good form and three times oversaw the winning goal of his team; the last time this week before deciding on bet365 mobil crucial win over Norwich.

Euro him then began to count again and because in qualifying for the final tournament planted six precise interventions. Under the Sportingbet bet365 guidance of Roy Hodgson’s former Manchester United striker has always been the free online betting driving forces of representation.

It is therefore not surprising that now Roy Hodgson reacted to the bad news has decided to postpone the nominations announcement until Monday.

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